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:iconheartsdividerplz: About Me :iconheartsdividerplz:

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HEY THAR BUDDY! Will you be my friend? :3 Jkjk, btu I would appreciate it- not many people can stick around me. xD I role-play, draw, and try to animate. xD I love watching My Little Pony and designing adoptables! You may know me as Fox, Whis, Caly, Siu or some other names I go by that I can't remember. xD AS FOR YOOUUU that don't know me- don't be scared to approach! <3 I love friends. ;D Anywho, I'm a little deranged and super awkwardly weird and all that stuff. I love gaming, writing, reading, drawing, and being on the internet. I dance in real life, and I also ride horses. Horses are my favorite animal, and I hope to run a rescue using natural horsemanship out of college<3 OH and I love french onion soup, fried chicken, and mozerella sticks. I tend to get REALLY obsessed with stuff a lot, like Teen Titans and Wreck it Ralph and all that jazz. So if you ever want to fangirl with me just drop a note :'D Ohhh I can be a little pathetic sometimes. :o Some other facts are that I love comics, I ship Bbrae and Appledash, and...hmm.... there has to be a lot more to say about myself. xD HURHURR I love cats as well as wolves. I'm short, skinny, with darker skin, hazel eyes, and long STRAIIGHHTTT brown hair. Thats all I can say right now honestly. o.O If you want to know anything else give me a holler! c;

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:iconheartsdividerplz: :icondressagemutt: :iconheartsdividerplz:

This chick is way too amazing. Honestly. We are slushies, Rox, sisters from another misters, the dynamic duo, the sexy beasts who everyone falls in love with, and just the bestest of friends. I was so lucky to meet her online- it really changed my life forever in many ways I could never imagine. I am so fortunate to have been able to grow and laugh with this amazing gal. We've had some famously good times, and I am convinced that are friendship is harder than steel and can handle anything thrown at it. I know I found my long lost sister in her, and someday we will be eating pickles together and watching horse/Disney movies while we drink slushies and talk about our old apprentice days. xD She is funny, considerate, always there for me, understanding, and all around a stand-out pal. Love ya Roobby!

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:iconheartsdividerplz: :iconbluefire-kitteh: :iconheartsdividerplz:

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This girl is my CBPG<333 I am so glad I was able to become her friend, and let alone even know her and grow close to her. Bluebaby, you are beyond generous and always so sweet and amazing ;n; Your art is to die for, and is some of the most beautiful pieces of work I have seen. Not only that, but your sense of humor is just like mine and so perfect ohmaga :'D I hope I never ever ever lose you, because you are a gem to find<3 Everything about you is wonderful- and never stop being that way. c: Not only all that, but I also look up to you as an artist and a rolemodel. c':

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:iconheartsdividerplz: Other Lovelies :iconheartsdividerplz:

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:iconmochabee: :iconmiss-rebellious: :iconpannypan: :iconlovely-ruby: :iconditzyazzy: :iconiriiskitty: :iconn-u-m-n-u-m-s: :iconaruku-pear: :iconpumpkabooo: :iconsapphire-equinox: :iconcloverface: :iconlightleopardxlighty:

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Aw you're so pretty :3
Monostache Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks so much for adding my Princess Luna and Celestia earrings to your favorites! Please consider liking my Facebook, where I share lots of stuff about my crafts, art, cosplay, and general tips/thoughts. I also have lots of giveaways, the next one happening once I get 1000 likes on the Facebook page. : )

Also, to celebrate my upcoming wedding, I'm having a promotion for 5% off all orders made in my shop with use of the coupon code WEDDINGBELLS when checking out in my shop~ : )
DressageMutt Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Please read the video description. v-v…

i haven't talked to you in forever so i thought i would drop by & say hey.

so hey. 
Hi, I'm the mod of that Synthia blog that followed your new Suri blog. Love your art, and I super love Suri! We should be friends now. 
spiked-up-mutt Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist


GhostfaceNikol Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-glomps you-
foxthepegasister Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-glomped- Allo babu <33
GhostfaceNikol Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-pokes your eye- hallo booty gurl
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